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Klinta Candles are no ordinary scented candles. It is an organic moisturizing massage candle.

Free from artificial preservatives, colours, parabens, sulphates, animal products and anything else that shouldn’t be there.

The fragrance and essential oils are produced in the EU and, in accordance with EU law, they aren’t tested on animals.

The glass used for Klinta candles are also approved for food use. Great as drinking glasses, jam jars, dessert bowls and much more!

Advantages of Organic Wax Candles.

  • Organic candle wax is pure and burns more cleanly than paraffin, without petro-carbon soot that can blacken walls, ceilings and furniture as well as polluting the air in your home.

  • Organic wax candles burn longer. They burn more slowly and at a lower temperature than paraffin candles. The ingredients (soya beans, rapeseed and palm) are, unlike paraffin, renewable.

  • Vegetable products are biodegradable.

  • Plant oils are easier to clean from surfaces and other materials using warm water and a little soap.

The ingredients in a Klinta Candle

There are four components to a Klinta Candle: the perfume (either essential oil or fragrance) and three vegetable oils – soya wax, palm oil and rapeseed oil. The wick is made from untreated cotton. Our Oils (which make up 96% of each candle):

  • Soja Wax - The soya wax in our candles is certified ’EcoSoya’ – an organic soya product free from genetically modified plant matter, pesticides and herbicides. EcoSoya soya wax is 100% organic and free from mineral oils and beeswax.

  • Rapeseed Oil - The remainder of our candle is made from rapeseed oil manufactured first and foremost for the food industry. The rapeseed usually comes from the UK, Denmark or Poland. As an EU product, we can rest assured that our rapeseed oil is ethically made, GM-free and that it hasn’t travelled thousands of miles to get to us.

  • Sustainable Palm Oil - There are those who regard palm oil as controversial but there is palm oil and then there is palm oil. Our palm oil producer is a founding member of RSPO (Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil Production) – the most widely recognised certification for ethical palm oil cultivation. The producer also participates in the UN’s Global Compact for ethical palm oil production. Members of these two organisations ensure that their products are ethically grown on agricultural land where no deforestation has taken place and as a result no wildlife (orangutans, for example) are disturbed or threatened. And those involved in the processing of the final product receive fair working conditions and pay.

  • Fragrance & Essential Oils - the perfumes are blended throughout the candle wax (in comparison with many other candles where the fragrance is applied simply to the surface) and as a result they smell balanced and fantastic all the way down to the bottom of the glass! And because the melting point of the plant wax is so much lower than the petroleum equivalent, the fragrance evaporates much more slowly and maintains its mild scent more effectively.

How to use a Massage Candle.

Light the candle as you normally would and wait a few minutes for a pool of oil to form on the surface. Then dip your finger in the organic oil, or else pour the warm liquid directly onto the skin. It isn’t too warm – the specially formulated mix of oils keeps a suitable temperature for massage – around 55°C. Light and extinguish as often as you want. Enjoy the warmth, the fragrance and the peace!

  1. Light the candle and wait a few minutes

  2. Dip finger or pour onto body

  3. Massage into the skin

About caring for your candle.

Soya, rapeseed and palm wax are natural and therefore burn differently from paraffin candles. By using your Klinta Candle in the right way you’ll be able to enjoy your candle safely and for the maximum time possible.

Never leave a candle unattended or light one where there’s a draught. Trim the wick to about 6mm before you light the candle. Keep the candle’s surface free from foreign material like match fragments or pieces of trimmed wick. Allow the candle to burn as long as it takes for the wax to melt across the whole of its surface. This will prevent your Klinta Candle from burning unevenly – resulting in so called tunneling where a crater forms in the middle of the wax.

Ensure that the wick remains centred and that it doesn’t touch the inside of the glass. Because the the cotton wick hasn’t been treated with alcohol or another flammable chemical, a ’mushroom’ of carbon can form during burning. This can easily be trimmed using Klinta’s Wick Trimmer before you light your candle. Let the candle cool for an hour or so, trim the wick and light it again. Avoid moving or touching your candle while the wax is still liquid and don’t have it lit for more than 5 hours at a time. By storing your candle in a cool(ish) and dry place, out of direct sunlight, it won’t soften or crack. The ideal temperature range for storing your Klinta Candle is between 0-28°C.