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Available colours: Blue, Black, Pink

Baby Change-N-Go is a portable diaper changing station that hangs from public bathroom stall doors/walls and then folds up to fit in your diaper bag/backpack/stroller when not in use. 




Built STRONG - holds infants/toddlers up to age 2 1/2 years and weighing 40lbs or less.

Built to last - The materials used for Baby Change-N-Go were specifically chosen because they of their durability.

Built for YOUR child in mind - If we wouldn't put our children in it, we wouldn't expect you to. 

Baby Change-N-Go hired an independent third party safety testing agency to make sure it would be safe. Hazard Experts, Human Behavior Experts, and Child Development Experts examined Baby Change-N-Go and gave feedback on how it could be made to be the safest it could be. All feedback was taken to heart and the company made the recommended changes to Baby Change-N-Go.



Very few public bathroom changing stations are private. Public bathroom changing stations are typically hung in an open area of the bathroom where everyone can see you changing your child's diaper. 

Baby Change-N-Go can be used in the privacy of a bathroom stall. Privacy means no videos or pictures can be taken of your child. No more worrying about who is watching while you are changing their diaper!



No more wondering if the parent before you cleaned up after changing their baby's diaper. No one has used it but YOU. Baby Change-N-Go can be easily wiped down.



Baby Change-N-Go collapses to fit in your diaper bag/backpack when not in use.  Seriously, it's that portable and compact!

Did you know in some countries there have been cases where horrible pranksters stuck needles in the underside of baby changing stations to stick the baby when you laid them on the table?

In the UK, a test done on 100 baby changing stations had 92 of them turned up positive for cocaine residue. The tables tested were in shopping centers, hospitals, police stations, courts and churches. Cocaine found in nine out of ten baby changing units!

Never worry about changing your baby when travelling or on holidays again!



Built from durable material that's waterproof and long lasting, Baby Change-N-Go can be passed on and reused by the next mum when your baby grows up. What better way to help the environment and reduce waste!



Baby Change-N-Go is designed for infants and toddlers age up to 2 1/2 years and weighing less than 40 lbs. 

Baby Change-N-Go has been specifically designed for public bathroom stall doors/walls no higher than 75" tall.   

FALL HAZARD!  DO NOT EVER leave your child unattended while in Baby Change-N-Go.  ALWAYS have one hand on your child while your child is in Baby Change-N-Go.

Avoid death or serious injury from falling or sliding out.  ALWAYS use restraint system while child is in Baby Change-N-Go. 

Baby Change-N-Go IS NOT a bed. NEVER allow your child to sleep in Baby Change-N-Go.



1.  Is Baby Change-N-Go made from "baby safe" materials?

A:  Yes!  Baby Change-N-Go was designed by parents for parents, with safety in mind.  All materials are BPA-free, lead-free and phthalates-free.

2.  What size infant/toddler can Baby Change-N-Go accommodate? 

A: It can hold an infant/toddler weighing up to 40 lbs and 2 years of age and younger.  Baby Change-N-Go is built to accommodate the 95th percentile 2 year old.  Given that the length of the base is 33", a 95th percentile infant/toddler would need to keep his/her legs slightly bent in order to stay within the mesh netting at the end of the base. 

3.  How big is Baby Change-N-Go?

A: When open, the base is 33" long by 10 1/4" wide.  The measurement from the top of hook to the base of the product is 32".  When folded, Baby Change-N-Go is 12" x 10 1/4" x 2 1/2". 

4.  Is Baby Change-N-Go heavy?

A:  No.  Baby Change-N-Go is lightweight, weighing 2.68lbs.

5.  How do I transport my Baby Change-N-Go?

A:  Baby Change-N-Go comes with a matching cinch bag.  It folds up nicely to fit in a diaper bag, messenger bag or backpack.   

6.  How do I clean my Baby Change-N-Go?

A:  Baby Change-N-Go is waterproof.  It can be cleaned with a warm, soapy (gentle soap) cloth or a disinfectant cloth as needed.